WordCamp Omaha Postponed Until Spring

WordCamp Omaha has been postponed until Spring 2012. The organizing team will be updating the site with more information as the new dates are locked-in. The Spring event will continue to be at the Harper Center on the Creighton University Campus and we will continue accepting applications for speakers and sponsors.

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Andy Brudtkuhl

Talk: Custom Theme Design

Andy Brudtkuhl is an entrepreneur, web developer, and founder of WordPress consulting company 48Web.

Follow Andy on Twitter – @abrudtkuhl

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Drew Gourley

Talk: Utilizing WordPress Action & Filter Hooks In Plug-ins & Themes

Drew Gourley is a graphic designer by degree and a web designer/developer by experience. He loves to work with WordPress because of its extendability and overall ease of use. Working at Oxide Design Co., he has had the opportunity to use creative problem solving to stretch the boundaries of what WordPress can do.

Follow Drew on Twitter – @DrewGourley

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Todd Murphy

Talk: How I captured An Industry With WordPress

As Vice President of Universal Information Services, Inc. Todd Murphy orchestrates the development of cutting edge media monitoring and analysis services. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Todd returned to Omaha to drive the new media initiative for Universal. With Broadcast and Internet news monitoring accounting for over 50% of corporate revenue, Todd’s team has now developed the nation’s most comprehensive online and social media monitoring services. It was also under Todd’s direction that Universal instituted the most reliable media analysis program in the Nation.

Outside of Universal Todd has held the position of President and board member for all of his industry associations. Todd has also been instrumental in working with Congress on issues related to copyright law and media rights. A strong supporter of all media, it is clear to Todd that the mediums and modes of delivery for information may change, but the principles and goals that PR professionals apply fundamentally remain the same. Universal is one of only two companies that provide the full cycle of PR tools from releasing to tracking to analysis. That’s over 100 years of innovation from this Omaha company.

Follow Todd on Twitter – @Todder4News

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Wendy Townley

Geek Chic: How WordPress Helps Me (and Others) Look Cool

Wendy Townley (@wtownley) is an Omaha-based blogger and writer whose first book, Nerdy Thirty, was published in 2010. Wendy became an avid WordPress user and devotee after moving her blog (www.wendywriter.com) from LiveJournal to WordPress five years ago. Her personal website (www.wendytownley.com) and Nerdy Thirty website (www.nerdythirty.com) were both built on WordPress, and she uses WordPress for a blog she maintains as a part-time faculty member in the School of Communication at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Each semester, Wendy requires her undergraduate students to create and maintain blogs, encouraging them to use WordPress for its design and ease of use.

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WordCamp Omaha Tickets

Tickets for this years WordCamp Omaha are now on sale. $20.00 – Registration

Those of you looking to become a sponsor, we are working on releasing the sponsorship packages later this week.

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Looking For Speakers

We are now looking for speakers at this years WordCamp Omaha.  If you think you fit the bill and want to come share you WordPress knowledge, please visit the following link and fill out the form.  We will continue to accept proposals until all time slots have been filled.

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Date & Venue

We have secured a date and location for WordCamp Omaha 2011.

Friday, November 18th, 2011 at the Mike & Josie Harper Center For Student Life & Learning

Please stayed tuned for more details about the speakers, sponsors all that other jazz.

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Hello Omaha!

The WordCamp Omaha site is in early planning. Check back soon for more information.

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